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BadBoy Racing is celebrating 30 years in 2006.

In 1976 Dave Smith started racing Figure Eights at Englewood Speedway. After the closing of Englewood in 1979 Dave raced on the Oval at Lakeside (asphalt) and CNS (Dirt) for a while. When CNS was paved in 1989 Dave went back to running the 8, where he is still burning rubber every spring to fall.

In 1994 Harry Bragg met Dave, while racing the 8, and they became good friends. Harry raced at CNS from 1994-1997 and ran a few races in 1999. In 2002 Harry came back to the racetrack and drove for Dave for 2 nights. In 2003 Harry was racing full time again.

One of our friends, Mike Wolf, who drove in the mid 90's for McLaines Auto, teaming up with Chris & John Voorhis. As a former driver in the 8, Mike drove for BBR one night in 2005. In 2006 Mike will be driving full time in a BadBoy Racecar.

Also in '06, Mike Wolf Jr. will be debuting for BBR.